About the Make Life Richer Map

Since we started Gym+Coffee, we have been overwhelmed at the ways in which you all see, feel and experience this wild, wet + windy island that we call home. Whether you were born and raised here, or have come to know and love Ireland more recently (a little column A, a little column B?!) so many of you are out there in-amongst it and getting to know this country.

Along this 2-years-and-counting journey, you’ve been asking us for some recommendations as well – what to do with a free weekend, new ways to see + experience Ireland, and as always, the best spots to get caffeinated along the way!

In celebration of this (and at your gentle behest) we decided to capture some of the incredible Irish experiences out there, just waiting to be tackled. And so, we created the Gym+Coffee Make Life Richer Map. We don’t claim it to be exhaustive (yet!), but we’ve tried our best to capture some of the lesser-known or experienced parts of Ireland – places that deserve much celebration but perhaps are a little less frequented than others.

We have carefully curated a selection of 11 regions, with each offering two activities and one tried-and-tested coffee stop for you to check out on your next Irish escape!

We hope you love using this map and building upon it as much as we enjoyed creating it. It’s been our labour of love for the past several months and we are so happy + proud to be sharing it with you!