About the Make Life Richer Map

Hike, bike, swim or meditate your way around Ireland! Right here, all in one spot, are some of our favourite places for adventure, snacks and coffee.

Since we started Gym+Coffee, we have been overwhelmed at the ways in which you all see, feel and experience this wild, wet + windy island that we call home. Whether you were born and raised here, have come to know and love Ireland more recently or are just passing through, so many of you are out there in-amongst it and getting to know this country.

We are so lucky to have so many incredible activities, spaces + places on our doorstep and at our fingertips here in Ireland and we want to do our best to help you find them, visit them and enjoy them! Use this map to plan a full weekend of hiking+walking, or take a couple of hours and head somewhere local for a quiet wander in the Irish landscape.

We hope this Make Life Richer Map helps you in your adventure-planning, or acts as a little bit of motivation to get out into the wild and make a few memories.

This is some island for one island – get out there and enjoy it!